We are PXl

a highly skilled hardware and software company from Rome


Do you need a partner for innovative projects or high level consulting?

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We are a reliable partner for very demanding customers

We use the most up-to-date techniques for software analysis, design and development, we have high skills on the organization of complex development processes and we continuously invest in innovation

What we love to do

We love to make things work, with passion, creativity and professionalism.

We enjoy designing system from scratch starting from the hardware, passing through the firmware, dancing with the software, riding the communication, surfing over the cloud and joining the servers.

But, most of all, we love:

Mobile Applications

Native, Hybrid and Web Applications we love them all. We discourage discrimination and sustain integration. Every need has its proper solution.

Internet of Things

This scenario is particularly challenging due to issues such as costs, dimensions, security, power management, real time constraints, interaction with the cloud. We know that all of them must be governed with competence and we have it.

Real Time Communication

We are very proud about our knowledge on real time communication, especially when it's voice. We love VOIP when it has to be tailored around specific needs and is not strictly related to the implementation of an ordinary telephone service.

Embedded devices

Alan Kay said:
“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”
We are really serious about software and this is why we know how to make the hardware and let it work.

Recognized Expertise

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